Tuff Cookie Monster Hats are Here!

Posted by Dawn Price, August 9, 2010 in Clothing Accessories, General

Okay, so the Tuff Cookie monster hats are not only super cute, but super popular.  We love these hats not only because they will look adorable on your little monster, but because they are made from soft fleece, are machine washable and the velcro straps help to keep the hats actually ON the head.  Although, knowing how awesome the monster is, it is likely that your little one will want to keep it on no matter what!!  We are currently carrying both infant and toddler sizes.  Due to various requests, we are also picking up larger kids sizes too!  Sorry, no adults sizes yet.  :)


For a more sophisticated look, we also have the same soft, easy care fleece hats in trendy styles and colors that are embellished with cute flowers.  There are also jackets if you want to complete the look. 

Again, same great fleece that will keep your little one warm while stylish.  Jackets are currently available in infant and toddler sizes, but we can take special orders for bigger sizes.

Tuff Cookie hats and jackets are a great fashion piece or gift item that keeps the little one warm and comfy and you out of the laundry room!

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